Bryan Galindo
Work smarter, not harder


My name is Bryan Galindo, born and raised in Houston, TX. I am a proud graduate of the University of Houston, wielding a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics!

What I appreciate about mathematics is that there is certainty in every equation, proof and theorem. This logical journey one can embark on when conceptualizing a mathematical idea is comforting and empowering, in that anyone can learn a concept by digesting one line at a time. Whenever I discuss my major with my peers, most assume that the only route available is becoming a teacher, however, I wanted to apply myself in a different industry. I have spent a lot of time discovering who I was throughout my college career, and one of the constants has been my ability to find an efficient method of executing a task. Whether that task was my morning routine or using my laptop, I knew I could remove an extra step in the process. Consequently, the reality of automating most tasks with a simple program became viable, which incidentally sparked my interest in pursuing a career in software development. Had I not connected with my mentor, Steven Dao, this pivotal moment in my college career would be nonexistent.

Now that most of the heavy reading is out of the way, here’s a couple of my hobbies. I enjoy reading articles on Hacker News by Y Combinator. I code in Python. My top three books: How to Win Friends & Influence People, Smart Thinking, and Never Split the Difference. Some of my favorite YouTube channels include Tech Insider, Vox, MKBHD, TED, Athlean-X, and ASAP Science. Thanks for reading! If I sparked your interest, feel free to contact me.